Friday, 7 August 2009

Possible new fantasy army

I have been considering a new fantasy army. I will post several lists to mull over to help me decide. This list is based off my old metal models which i will strip and repaint, plus the new models which i want to purchase.


Highborn: Wild Rider, Great Stag, Spear of Twilight, Helm of the Hunt, An Annoyance of Netlings, A Murder of Spites=345pts
L2 Spellsinger: 2XDispel Scrolls=175pts
Noble: GW, Hail of Doom Arrow, Light armour, Enchanted Shield=121pts
8 Wild Riders: Full Command, War Banner=269pts
2x10 Glade Guard=240pts
14 Eternal Guard: Full Command=218pts
2x10 Dryads: Branch Nymphs=264pts
9 Wardancers: Bladesinger=176pts
8 Waywatchers=192pts

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