Friday, 2 September 2011


Well a month or so on and the Guild Hoard is complete, well bought and built but not yet painted, I now own every guild model and I plan to keep that up with the next batch of releases. While I am getting these painted I am now looking at my demo crews now im a shiny new Wyrd Henchman, obviously I have a lot of variability in my guild however I want a crew from each faction though my current Leveticus is a bit too complex for a demo crew so i will need a new outcast crew for that, so far the purchases look like this.

Ressers: Seamus
Outcasts: Von Schill
Arcanists: Ramos or Marcus
Neverborn: Lilith

Last weekend I also participated in a one day tournie in Bristol at Cut and Thrust Wargaming in Bristol, currently I finished at 11/20 (I think a review of the results was due because of a mix up) not bad considering I drew 2 and lost 2, but the losses were fairly tight which helped, some cracking games too, 25ss was a challenge compared to the usual 35ss, and the store and terrain were fantastic. Thanks to Rudders too(, he has given me his Dead Justice to paint as my Gencon order has been delayed and I will give him mine when it arrives.