Monday, 11 January 2010

Planning Warriors of Chaos Part 4

Well I have now bought and built most of my 2000point list from this post I only have the Warshrine left to plan, buy and build. Now here is the issue, I have two ideas for the warshrine.

The first is a simple modification of the High Elf Lion Chariot, with both White Lions merged together into a Black, Two-Headed, Flaming Mutant Lion pulling the chariot base with a mound of skulls and an icon of Khorne with a Warrior made from Harry the Hammer with marauder horsemen arms and the classic Khorne Hero head.

The second is a more elaboarate idea based off the chassis for the screaming bell/plague furnace, with a spawn or two pulling the shrine and a similar skulls/icon to the first idea.

I will muse further on the design and try to post more detailed ideas/pictures.