Monday, 22 March 2010

1500pts Sisters of Battle & plans

1500pts Order of Our Martyred Lady: The Tighe Commandery

HQ: Canoness: Blessed Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Cloak of St Aspira, Book of St Lucius, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Auspex = 109pts
6 Celestians: VCS, Eviscerator, Brazier of Holy Fire, Book of St Lucius, Flamer, Heavy Flamer = 146pts
Rhino, Extra Armour = 50pts (IA2 Update)
HQ: Priest, Eviscerator, Carapace Armour = 70pts with Repentia
HQ: Priest, Shotgun, Carapace Armour = 46pts with Canoness and Celestians
Troops: 10 Battle Sisters, VSS, Plasma Pistol, Book of St Lucius, 2 Storm Bolters = 144pts
Troops: 10 Battle Sisters, VSS, Plasma Pistol, Book of St Lucius, 2 Meltaguns = 154pts
Rhino, Extra Armour = 50pts
Elites: 11 Repentia, Mistress = 250pts
HS: Exorcist, Extra Armour = 150pts
HS: Exorcist, Extra Armour = 150pts
HS: 8 Retributors, VSS, Book of St Lucius, 3 Heavy Bolters, Multi-Melta = 177pts

Total = 1496pts

With the talk of Dark Eldar for autumn time on BoLS i will begin building my Kabal over the spring and summer. so i have a basis to develop from with the new codex and models.
Therefore in the meantime i will expand my small SoB army with more inquisition troops and possibly Valks using the I as an airborne counter point to my foot/rhino SoBs

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Damn Internet

Well after numerous internet problems i finally have a partial service back. So i can finally update my blog.

The initial 2k WoC list i have been using has worked a treat. Especially the Warshrine, it has worked far better than i imagined that it would. Both in terms of the boost it gives to units as well as its physical presence.

Well now is the next decision which army shall i plan to build either the foot WoC, Infantry heavy Daemons or Beastmen for fantasy. Im still planning the non-imperial decision for 40k as well as redeveloping my Witchunters.