Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Road to Downfall

Well i think the blog needed a bit of an overhaul which i will be implementing and testing over the coming weeks. Im shifting the focus back primarily to my chaos, so i thought the blog should change too, 13 years of primarily khornate armies for chaos does have its influence.

Secindly my gaming group, the Border Princes is hosiing its 3rd proper tournament this december, and finally i have managed to book the time off work to attend.

As such my Chaos needs a few additions as all cavalry doesnt work as well in 8th edition. Here is the first list to build from below.

2500pts 'Downfall' Warriors of Chaos

Lord of Khorne: Axe of Swift Slaying, Shield, Dragonhelm, Stream of Corruption = 290pts
Exalted of Khorne, BSB, Shield, Fury of the Blood God = 175pts
Level 2 Chaos Sorcerer, Lore of Death, Biting Blade, Spell Familiar = 140pts
23 Warriors of Khorne, 2 Hand Weapons, Full Command = 428pts
40 Marauders of Khorne, GW's, Full Command = 250pts
2 x 5 Marauder Horsemen of Khorne, Flails, Light Armour, Musician and Champion = 2 x 118pts = 236pts
10 Warhounds = 60pts
5 Knights of Khorne, Full Command = 280pts
4 Ogres of Khorne, Great Weapons, Chaos Armour = 230pts
2 Hellcannons = 2 x 205pts = 410pts

Total = 2499pts

Thursday, 10 June 2010

WIP Dwarf Lord, BSB and Thane plus updated 2250pts ETC list

Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers. In my fluff Lord Morgrim Grundadrakk, Iron Lord of the Barak Varr Ironbreakers, second cousin of Kind Byrrnoth Grundadrakk.

Dwarf Thane on Oathstone. Unnamed in fluff as of yet, but usually goes with a 24 strong unit of Dwarf Warriors.

Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer, Thane Thori Grundadrakk, Bearer of the Clan Banner. Accompanies a unit of Longbeards to battle.

2250pts ETC Barak Varr Dwarfs v2

Dwarf Lord, Shieldbearers, Great Axe, Shield, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Challenge = 236pts
Thane, BSB, Rune of Cleaving, Master Rune of Gromril = 135pts
Runesmith, Great Staff, Shield, 2 x Runes of Spellbreaking = 126pts

17 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command, Master Rune of Grungni = 279pts
24 Warriors, Shields, Full Command = 241pts
10 Thunderers, Shields = 150pts
10 Thunderers, Shields = 150pts
10 Quarrellers, Rangers, Great Weapons, Shields, Veteran = 160pts

16 Ironbreakers, Full Command, 2 x Runes of Battle = 288pts
Cannon, Rune of Forging = 125pts
Cannon, Rune of Burning, Rune of Forging = 130pts
7 Miners, Prospector = 87pts

Flame Cannon = 140pts

Total = 2247pts

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

2250pts ETC Barak Varr Dwarfs

I have lately become bored with the point and click nature of my mounted Chaos Warriors army, so i have decided to go back to my Dwarfs for the time being until i get my Chaos infantry sorted.

Dwarf Lord: Great Axe, Shield, Shieldbearers, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Spite, Rune of the Furnace, Rune of Warding = 289pts w/Ironbreakers
Runesmith: Great Staff, Shield, 2 Runes of Spellbreaking, Rune of Warding, Rune of Stone = 146pts w/Warriors
Thane, BSB, Master Rune of Grungni, Rune of Guarding, Rune of Courage = 200pts w/Longbeards

10 Thunderers = 140pts
10 Thunderers = 140pts
10 Quarrellers, Great Weapons, Shields, Veteran, Rangers = 160pts
19 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command = 196pts
19 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command, Rune of Sanctuary, Rune of Battle = 293pts

18 Ironbreakers, Full Command, Rune of Courage = 296pts
Cannon, Rune of Forging = 125pts
Cannon, Rune of Burning, Rune of Forging = 130pts

Flame Cannon = 140pts

Total = 2245pts

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Well my Inquisitor and retinue is virtually built. I say retinue there are enough for a few diffrent builds depending on what role i use her for. Currently with the latest Inquisition rumours regarding the hopefully forthcoming Grey Knights i am holding off somewhat on buying my storm troopers, i have decided to focus for the short term on expanding the Ecclesiarchical side of my Witch Hunters, i have bought an Immolator/Rhino as well as the first box of Flagellents to convert into Zealots. I am planning a full unit of twenty with 2 flamers and 4 fanatics with Eviscerators for a grand total of 172 points, it will hit reasonably hard in combat with the eviscerators, and will act as a good meat shield or speed bump as required. Hopefully i will have some pictures up soon now i have my camera back.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Possible 1500pts Inquisition expansion

Here is the first possible Inquisition list to expand my current pure Sisters army. All Chimeras are based off the Imperal Armour 2 update.


  • Lady Inquisitor Amelia Ro: Force Sword, Bolter-Stake Crossbow, Rosarius, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Auspex, Hammerhand = 138pts

  • Retinue: 2 Crusaders, CC Servitor, 3 Acolytes w/ Mancatchers, Las Pistols and Carapace Armour, Sage, 2 Chirurgeons, Penitent, Familiar = 161pts
  • Chimera: Turret Multi-laser, Hull Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour, Pintle Heavy Stubber = 80pts


  • Callidus Assassin = 120pts

  • 3 Death Cult Assassins = 120pts


Amelia's Household Guard: 'The Crimson Shield'

  • 10 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers: Veteran, Power Weapon, 2 Meltaguns = 140pts, Chimera, Turret Multi-Laser, Hull Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour, Pintle Heavy Stubber = 80pts

  • As above = 140 + 80 = 220pts

  • As above = 220pts

  • As Above = 220pts

Total = 1499pts

Monday, 22 March 2010

1500pts Sisters of Battle & plans

1500pts Order of Our Martyred Lady: The Tighe Commandery

HQ: Canoness: Blessed Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Cloak of St Aspira, Book of St Lucius, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Auspex = 109pts
6 Celestians: VCS, Eviscerator, Brazier of Holy Fire, Book of St Lucius, Flamer, Heavy Flamer = 146pts
Rhino, Extra Armour = 50pts (IA2 Update)
HQ: Priest, Eviscerator, Carapace Armour = 70pts with Repentia
HQ: Priest, Shotgun, Carapace Armour = 46pts with Canoness and Celestians
Troops: 10 Battle Sisters, VSS, Plasma Pistol, Book of St Lucius, 2 Storm Bolters = 144pts
Troops: 10 Battle Sisters, VSS, Plasma Pistol, Book of St Lucius, 2 Meltaguns = 154pts
Rhino, Extra Armour = 50pts
Elites: 11 Repentia, Mistress = 250pts
HS: Exorcist, Extra Armour = 150pts
HS: Exorcist, Extra Armour = 150pts
HS: 8 Retributors, VSS, Book of St Lucius, 3 Heavy Bolters, Multi-Melta = 177pts

Total = 1496pts

With the talk of Dark Eldar for autumn time on BoLS i will begin building my Kabal over the spring and summer. so i have a basis to develop from with the new codex and models.
Therefore in the meantime i will expand my small SoB army with more inquisition troops and possibly Valks using the I as an airborne counter point to my foot/rhino SoBs

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Damn Internet

Well after numerous internet problems i finally have a partial service back. So i can finally update my blog.

The initial 2k WoC list i have been using has worked a treat. Especially the Warshrine, it has worked far better than i imagined that it would. Both in terms of the boost it gives to units as well as its physical presence.

Well now is the next decision which army shall i plan to build either the foot WoC, Infantry heavy Daemons or Beastmen for fantasy. Im still planning the non-imperial decision for 40k as well as redeveloping my Witchunters.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Planning Warriors of Chaos Part 4

Well I have now bought and built most of my 2000point list from this post I only have the Warshrine left to plan, buy and build. Now here is the issue, I have two ideas for the warshrine.

The first is a simple modification of the High Elf Lion Chariot, with both White Lions merged together into a Black, Two-Headed, Flaming Mutant Lion pulling the chariot base with a mound of skulls and an icon of Khorne with a Warrior made from Harry the Hammer with marauder horsemen arms and the classic Khorne Hero head.

The second is a more elaboarate idea based off the chassis for the screaming bell/plague furnace, with a spawn or two pulling the shrine and a similar skulls/icon to the first idea.

I will muse further on the design and try to post more detailed ideas/pictures.