Saturday, 10 December 2011

thoughts on avatar justice

Well j have finally gotten in my first game with avatar justice, firstly I like the model far better than the publicity photos, the beefy chin from the angle at least in the pre release photos wasn't flattering, but its nice in reality. The model as a whole was well designed, it fit easily together and apart from a slight twist in the ram arm whilst securely padded en route back from firestorm there's been no issues, I may well leave her there to prevent further damage once she's been painted, based and varnished as she could be fragile if my case gets dropped.
First game with her was against avatar Seamus, she did well, mainly using her avatars buffing to protect her crew, the mark of balance: crow is very nice indeed, didn't play as much of a hoard crew as I'd of liked with her, had 3 seven ss models in executioner, Nino and judge. Will take less next time, played with Perdita for The first time too (it was a 45ss brawl), she was good too, culminating in blowing away avatar Seamus, obeying Judge to use bullets and blades was a very good combo, with a decent hand on masks and a family obey spam list could really put the hurt out. Will be using avatar justice in my next few games to test her out against a variety of masters and schemes.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Well after not blogging for a while there is some progress, the Guild hoard is virtually complete, I just have Avatar Justice to pick up today and around Christmas I will pick up Avatar Sonnia, Exorcist, Sue and possibly another Sue to convert as an 2nd Exorcist, which will complete it until the next batch of minis when Perdita comes out in Feb/March I cant remember which.
The next master for me unless I change my mind is Lilith, i'm planning Lilith, Nicodem and Collette or Marcus as my Non-Guild crews along with Levi, though especially Marcus and Nicodem will wait until their Alternative miniatures are released.
Possible Lilith List 35ss
Lilith Cache 8
Lelu and Lilith 14ss
3 Terror Tots 9ss
Hooded Rider 8ss

Friday, 2 September 2011


Well a month or so on and the Guild Hoard is complete, well bought and built but not yet painted, I now own every guild model and I plan to keep that up with the next batch of releases. While I am getting these painted I am now looking at my demo crews now im a shiny new Wyrd Henchman, obviously I have a lot of variability in my guild however I want a crew from each faction though my current Leveticus is a bit too complex for a demo crew so i will need a new outcast crew for that, so far the purchases look like this.

Ressers: Seamus
Outcasts: Von Schill
Arcanists: Ramos or Marcus
Neverborn: Lilith

Last weekend I also participated in a one day tournie in Bristol at Cut and Thrust Wargaming in Bristol, currently I finished at 11/20 (I think a review of the results was due because of a mix up) not bad considering I drew 2 and lost 2, but the losses were fairly tight which helped, some cracking games too, 25ss was a challenge compared to the usual 35ss, and the store and terrain were fantastic. Thanks to Rudders too(, he has given me his Dead Justice to paint as my Gencon order has been delayed and I will give him mine when it arrives.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Updated Plans

Well after a bit of decision making the plans for the Guild Hoard are coming to fruition. Dead Justice will be ordered with Twisting Fates during Gencon, Perdita's crew will be bought tomorrow, the Hoffman or Lucius for my birthday in late august with the other following the month after, which will then give me october free for additions such as more watchers and minions before november and Lady Justice's avatar and alternate are released with hopefully some more guild stuff, which will set me up nicely for christmas and a new faction, possibly the seamus gang I have been promising my self since I started, but we will see how the new releases shape up, Hopefully Ashes and Dust will be avaialble after Kaeris and Molly so I can actually run a Desolation list for my Levi.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Deliverance results and the plans for the summer

Well Deliverance 2011 has come and gone, I had a cracking weekend, not only did I do far better than I thought I would (coming 9th of 19) I got to play some masters I had next to no experience of playing such as Seamus, Rasputina and Collette. Results are below, cant remember all of the scores, sorry guys. Overall results are at

Round 1 vs Mike Penberthy (Lucius) won 8-2
Round 2 vs Craig Johnson (Marcus) won 4-2?
Round 3 vs Paul Hansell (Seamus) lost by 4vp
Round 4 vs Ashley Pinder (Collette) won 5-4
Round 5 vs Steve Scurr (Collette) lost by 5vp
Round 6 vs Simon Cheyne (Rasputina) won by 1vp

I have plans for the summer, they start with gencon August 4th-7th. I will be ordering Malifaux Book 3: Twisting Fates, Lady Justicce Avatar and the Dead Justice Nightmare boxset. Then I plan to get Lucius, Perdita and Hoffman boxsets (not in any particular order) in September, october and November to complete my Guild hoard as well as the avatars as and when they are released. I have picture of my guild so far below.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Deliverance Part 5

Well having just bought a 2nd Austringer and the Sonnia box is in the middle of painting, everything is set up nicely for Deliverance in 10 days. The only thing really to do is the basing which I will be doing tomorrow before work. I have also repainted the Judge as the White coat wasnt looking right, so he's now in a Brown Coat and Jeans rather than a White Coat and Brown Trousers.

Im now just getting to gether the last of what I need for Deliverance, I hope to play one of the scenarios next Tuesday just to get my eye in, as well as picking up a Puppet Deck ready for the day.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Deliverance part 4

Well i've now bought the Sonnia box set which nicely came with a Miss Pack, which will help if and when I ever do a Zorida or McMourning crew. I tried out the Witchling Stalkers in one game so far and they worked well as a nice flanking distraction from LJ and the rest of the crew. Will be trying them out with either Sonnia or LJ this evening at Firestorm Games. They are all blocked out in colours its just the detail I really need to work on, as well as the other Austringer I still need to buy.

Will definately work on Leviticus after Deliverance, just need 3 Necropunks, a Desolation Engine and another Hollow Waif to begin with. Ive proxied this crew and it worked very effectively.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Deliverance Part 3 and plans for afterward

Well after some more painting, i'm starting to get things sorted for Deliverance in 6 weeks. Only a couple more purchases to make. Firstly the Sonnia Criid boxset, mainly for the 3 Witchling Stalkers which will fit in witht he close combat side of LJ very well, secondly Samael Hopkins will give me a boost on the mid-range shooting. If I get the chance I want to pick up a second Guild Austringer as one just isn't enough against certain Master's.These would give me a good 100-110 soulstone worth of models to use for the tournament.

I've also got to decide which faction to go with after Deliverance as I want a break from the Guild after 7 months of solid playing. The options currently are Leviticus, McMourning, Seamus, Lilith or Colette.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Deliverance Part 2

Well no more pictures as of yet will try and get some when i'm down at Firestorm Games this afternoon. Just a quick update on another list I will be trying against Pandora or Hoffman tonight. Tried the Lawyer out in my last game, so today is the turn of Taelor, to get experience with varying lists before I buy Lucius next.

The list will probably be as follows

Lady Justice
2 Death Marshalls
2 Guild Guard

Total of 32ss
Cache of 7 for LJ

Friday, 8 April 2011

Malifaux: the Hoard grows & the road to Deliverence

Well after neglecting the blog some more, im back. My Malifaux Guild hoard has grown substantially larger, leaving my Leviticus crew still just at the box set level, this will likely continue until after my first Malifaux tournament 'Deliverence' at Firestorm Games, Cardiff in late June, where i will be running Lady Justice as my master and i wan't a big a pool of models as possible to suit each game and opponent though i have been tempted with Seamus and his Belles can work well with Levi, i will see what takes my fancy in the long run. Here's a run-down of the guild i have with their cost or cache in brackets. Lady Justice (Cache 4ss) Judge (7ss) 3 Death Marshalls (3 x 4 = 12ss) 2 Guild Guard (2 x 4 = 8ss) Executioner (7ss) Peacekeeper (9ss) 3 Guild Hounds (3 x 3 = 9ss) Governor's Proxy (2ss) Scales of Justice (2ss) Taelor, Lady Hammerstrike (9ss) Lawyer (7ss) Guild Austringer (5ss) Nino Ortega (7ss) Total including both totems = Master + 84 soulstones worth of minions/totems. The current plan is for either the Lucius or Hoffman boxsets to increase my number of guardmen or constructs. Though i definately want at least on Guardian for bodyuard duty.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Malifaux Guild WIPs

Here are a few WIPs of my Malifaux, the only mini near completion is Lady Justice.

Here's her and the rest of her minions.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Wel after several months i've finally had the time to post again, my job has been taking up a lot of my time, and ive had little time for gaming, 3 hours or so at my LGS if im lucky a week, especially since the Border Prince's tournament Downfall in early December.

Ive mostly been playing Malifaux and Warhammer Quest for the past 2 months. I will post pictures of my Lady Justice and Leviticus crews in the next week or so.

Currently my 35ss Lady Justice list I will be using is this

Lady Justice
Peacekeeper 9ss
3 Death Marshalls 12ss
Guild Austringer 5ss
Executioner 7ss
Governor's Proxy 2ss
Total= 35ss plus a cache of 4ss