Friday, 15 July 2011

Deliverance results and the plans for the summer

Well Deliverance 2011 has come and gone, I had a cracking weekend, not only did I do far better than I thought I would (coming 9th of 19) I got to play some masters I had next to no experience of playing such as Seamus, Rasputina and Collette. Results are below, cant remember all of the scores, sorry guys. Overall results are at

Round 1 vs Mike Penberthy (Lucius) won 8-2
Round 2 vs Craig Johnson (Marcus) won 4-2?
Round 3 vs Paul Hansell (Seamus) lost by 4vp
Round 4 vs Ashley Pinder (Collette) won 5-4
Round 5 vs Steve Scurr (Collette) lost by 5vp
Round 6 vs Simon Cheyne (Rasputina) won by 1vp

I have plans for the summer, they start with gencon August 4th-7th. I will be ordering Malifaux Book 3: Twisting Fates, Lady Justicce Avatar and the Dead Justice Nightmare boxset. Then I plan to get Lucius, Perdita and Hoffman boxsets (not in any particular order) in September, october and November to complete my Guild hoard as well as the avatars as and when they are released. I have picture of my guild so far below.

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