Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Years Revolutions

Well it is that time of year again, when we all pledge to do certain things in the New Year and most of the time these are broken quite early on. Therefore I plan to only set achievable resolutions for the new year based on three areas, Modelling, Painting and Background.

  • Finish building my 'Khorne Horde' (at least 2k each of WoC, Beastmen and Daemons)
  • Build a viable non-Imperial 40k army


  • Fully paint my Iron Hands and Dwarfs
  • Repaint my Sisters of Battle and Wood Elves


  • Finish writing my Iron Hands, Dwarfs and Khorne backgrounds.
  • Work more on a viable Iron Hands rules/campaign pack

Sunday, 27 December 2009

WIP Khorne BSB (1)

Just a quick update with some pics of my new BSB, ive since neatened up his tentacle arm and started to sculpt more fur between his back and shield.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Planning Warriors of Chaos Part 3

Well after further discussions about my army development with some of the Border Princes (http://www.borderprinces.co.uk) at Firestorm Games(http://http://www.firestormgames.co.uk/) i have come up with a new planned 2000 point army list.

Chaos Lord: Mark of Khorne, Axe of Khorne, Chaos Runeshield, Favour of the Gods, Juggernaut =375pts
Exalted Hero: Mark of Khorne, BSB, Flail, Shield, Barded Chaos Steed, Fury of the Blood God = 195pts
Level 2 Chaos Sorcerer: Barded Chaos Steed, 2 x Dispel Scrolls=186pts
3 x 5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Light Armour, Musician= 3 x 86=258pts
2x5 Warhounds= 2x30=60pts
5 Chaos Knights, Mark of Khorne, Full Command, Rapturous Standard=300pts
5 Chaos Knights, Mark of Khorne=230pts
4 Chaos Ogres, Great Weapons, Chaos Armour, Mark of Khorne, Mutant Ogre, Musician=260pts
Chaos Warshrine=130pts


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Planning Warriors of Chaos Part 2

Well here is the next list i have developed for my Warriors of Chaos. I have also planned out my next two armies, i plan to complete at least 2k of this WoC 'Khorne' army, then i will progress to a Daemons of Chaos and a Beastmen army as part of a larger 'Khorne' horde.

2000pts Warriors of Khorne

Lord: Chaos Rune Axe, Enchanted Shield, Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, Collar of Khorne=365pts
Exalted Hero, BSB, Mark of Khorne, Barded Chaos Steed, Shield, Fury of the Blood God=191pts
Chaos Sorcerer, Level 2, Barded Chaos Steed, 2xDispel Scroll=186pts
3x5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, light Armour, Musicians=258pts
4x5 Warhounds=120pts
5 Knights, Full Command, Mark of Khorne=280pts
5 Knights, Full Command, Banner of Rage=285pts
4 Trolls=180pts

Proposed 2000pts Daemons of Khorne

Bloodthirster, Axe of Khorne, Obsidian Armour, Immortal Fury=550pts
Herald of Khorne, BSB, Armour of Khorne=140pts
Herald of Khorne, Armour of Khorne=115pts
2x14 Bloodletters, Fullcommand=2x198=396pts
14 Bloodletters=168pts
5 Flesh Hounds=175pts
4 Bloodcrushers, Bloodreaper=300pts

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

WIP Khorne Lord & Friends Part 3

Well here is the first update in a while. Ive just not had much painting time with work ect. Ive done a bit more on my Khorne Lord/Hero, ive also started work on 5 Knights and 2x5 Marauder Horsemen with Flails and Musicians, these are very WIP, only the base colours on these are done and blocked out ready to be blended and highlighted up.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Must have units: FTW Collaborative Post

For my Iron Hands this is a simple and much underused choice, Close Combat Scouts. I tend to run a full unit of ten including a Sergeant with a Power Fist, it is a bargain for a whole 165pts. They are so versatile and are a ideal speed bump, especially as mine tend to be Stubborn (via Lysander or Pedro), couple that with Pedro's Inspiring Presence and they have 36 WS3 S4 attacks and 4 WS4 S8 Power Fist attacks on the charge, its enough to put a serious dent in almost any unit.

Considering my Dwarfs this again is a simple choice a unit of 18 Ironbreakers. This provides a good solid heart to my forces, couple that with a runic banner and either a Lord or BSB and they are very hard to shift.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

WIP Lord on Khorne on Juggernaut Part 2

My Lord/Hero is starting to come along, the main colurs are blocked out and i am now planning to build up the layering especially on the red and brass. I decided on red armour over the black more through personal choice especailly as it works well with the brass juggernaut.

Monday, 19 October 2009

WIP Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut Part 1

This is the first wip of my lord/hero for my WoC army.

I decided to have my Juggernaut primarily in Brass to fit in within its Brass Behemoth rule with silver piping and chainmail. I plan to use Red as a spot colour on any icons of Khorne and Chaos.

My lord will either be in red or black armour i havent yet finalised which i will choose.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Planning Warriors of Chaos Part 1

Anhur the Black's Death Eaters (v.4)

Well after 4 years i am finally going back to my Warriors of Chaos. I first played them in 5th Edition with a joint Khorne/Tzeench army, then i progressed to a pure Khorne Army. When Hoards of Chaos was released i did another small Khorne Army. Now in this 4th incarnation i am unsure wether to go balanced with regards to infanry/cavalry & combat/magic or just a pure Khorne cavalry force.

These are the 2 lists i am currently considering

V1 Cavalry
Lord, Mark of Khorne, Shield, Juggernaut, Collar of Khorne, Bloodskul Pendant
Exalted Hero, Mark of Khorne, BSB, Shield, Barded Chaos Steed, Fury of the Blood God
3 x 5 Marauder Horsemen, Mark of Khorne, Flails
8 Knights, Full Command, Baner of Rage
7 Knights, Full Command, Mark of Khorne
20 Warhounds (either 2 x 10 or 4 x 5)
2 Spawn, Mark of Khorne
alt. Remove Scyla and 1 Spawn for a Khorne Warshrine

V2 Balanced
Lord, Mark of Khorne, Shield, Juggernaut, Collar of Khorne, Bloodskull Pendant
Exalted Hero, Mark of Khorne, BSB, Shield, Fury of the Blood God
Sorcerer, Level 2, Spell Familiar
2 x 20 Marauders, hand weapon, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command, Mark of Khorne
15 Chaos Warriors, Shields, Full Command, Mark of Khorne
4 x 5 Warhounds
5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Mark of Khorne
5 Knights, Full Command, Banner of Rage

Monday, 12 October 2009

Back to Fantasy

Well after several months i have finally started playing Fantasy again. I had a good game with my Magic Defence Dwarfs against a Magic/Shooting heavy Tzeench Daemons (it was a list designed to take on a Vilitch, Magic heavy Tzeench Warriors of Chaos list, a game which is now delayed untill next week). I had a good solid victory, my 3 main blocks (Ironbreakers, Longbeards and Warriors) were cut down to well below half, but they broke 50 horrors despite a hail of Magic and Fire whilst my Cannons, Flame Cannon and Goblin Hewer took out the 3 Disc Heralds, Flamers and Bluescribes. I think i shall try and altrernate more frequently between 40k and Fantasy.

Speaking of Fantasy i am now delaying the planned Beasts of Chaos until next year, i have decided to reboot the Warriors of Chaos i played in 5th and 6th Edition. I have bought the Khorne Lord on Juggernaut to paint whilst i plan and develop the army list. I have also plans to start this at 2k as well as developing 2k of Daemons then 2k of Beasts all dedicated to Khorne.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Grailsword part 8 (Yme-Loc)

Here is the next developmental character for the Grailsword project, Farseer Am'elia Voidweaver.

5 5 3 3 3 5 1 10 -

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Ghosthelm, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Rune Armour, Runes of Warding & Witnessing, Spirit Stones.

Special Rules: Independant Character, Fleet of Foot, Psychic Powers.

Warlocks: See Farseer entry on p.60 of Codex Eldar.

Psychic Powers: Guide, Doom, Eldrich Firestorm.

Eldritch Firestorm: Voidweaver has always had an aggressive streak, more akin to a Warlock than a Seer. This manefests itself in an Psychic ability where she blasts arolling wave of eldritch flame at her foes.
Range: Template Strength: 7 Ap: 4 Assault 1 Pinning

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Grailsword part 7 (Yme-Loc)

I have decided that the Eldar contingent of the Grailsword campaign shall be based around Craftworld Yme-Loc, it is one less known than the major Craftworlds and it is also closest to Medusa. So far i found a name and a base reference for an Autarch of Yme-Loc and this is represented in the following character.

Anthrillien Morningchild, Autarch of Yme-Loc

6 6 3 3 3 6 3 10 3+/4+

Unit Type: Jump Infantry

Wargear: Shuriken Pistol, Blade of Sunrise, Fusion Gun, Banshee Mask, Plasma & Haywire Grenades, Forceshield, Swooping Hawk Wings

Special Rules: Independant Character, Fleet of Foot, Master Strategist

Blade of Sunrise: This is an weapon passed down the Morningchild line, it is a power weapon that grants +1 Strength.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Grailsword Part 6 & Update

Well i have decided to focus on the Grailsword crusade rather than Contqual mainly because little has been said on this compared to Contqual so i can let it progress how i want rather than being constrained by the set ideas, this will also help with any stories and pieces i write for the project. Therefore i will be expanding the ideas from just the Iron Hands into the Eldar, Red Talons and Brazen Claws in the near future.

I have also (just about) decided on a new fantasy army in Nurgle Beasts of Chaos, i will probably start this in anticipation of the new Army Book expected in Q1 2010 starting with some Pestigor as i really like the models. The only things that would change this would be if Tomb Kings were definately a release for next year or if the new Skaven Army Book gives options for themed and Clan focused armies.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Back to the blog

Well after a brief hiatus to move home i finally have decent access to the internet and to my Fantasy/40k. This post is really just a planning post to focus my goals on what i want to achieve over the coming months. Now in no particular order.

1. Work more on the Grailsword/Contqual project
2. Finish painting my Iron Hands
3. Convert a more Bionic 'Lysander'
4. Finally decide on a new Fantasy army
5. Start planning my Ad Mech additions properly (I already have a magos i use as a counts-as Inquisitor, but i want to create another one as well as a tech-priest assassin based from the Horus Heresy: Collected Visions)

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

WIP Counts-As Lysander

Here is a quick WIP of my counts-as Lysander. He has bionic legs built from plasticard rods. The Terminator body came from the free Terminator from WD, the shoulder pads are the Dark Angel Dreadnought Shin Pads, the cape from the CSM Terminator Lord boxset, the arms are from the CC Terminarot boxset. He's not too bad, but he will suffice until i can convert a better model for 'Lysander', i am planning one with 4 bionic limbs, and the rest of his body will be largely scratch built.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

2000 point Army List

This is the latest army list that i have used. Whilst it is based off the old Rhino Rush style it was still very effective , especially as i was against a Marine gunline with 3 Terminatorsquads Deep Striking as support.

5 CC Terminators: 3xThunder Hammer and Storm Shield, 2xLightning Claws.
Land Raider Crusader, Multi Melta, Extra Armour.
10 Sternguard, Power Fist, 2 Combi-Melta, 1 Combi-Plasma.
Rhino, Extra Armour.
Tactical Squad. Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon.
Rhino, Extra Armour.
Tactical Squad. Power Fist, Cobi-Melta, Meltagun, Multi Melta.
Rhino, Extra Armour.
10 CC Scouts, Power Fist.
Ironclad, Heavy Flamer, Melta Gun.
Vindicator, Extra Armour, Siege Shield.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Project Grailsword\Contqual Part 5

Sergeant Development

As per the fluff Iron Hands don't have their Terminator Veterans in squads, the veterans lead other squads to inspire their battle brothers.

Terminator Sergeant
0-3 Tactical, Sternguard or Vanguard squads may replace their Sergeant with a Terminator Sergeant.

4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 2+
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Power Sword
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Inspiring Presence
Options: He may replace his Power Sword for a Power Fist at no cost. He may replace his Power Sword and Stormbolter with either a Pair of Lightning Claws or a Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield.

Special Rules
Inspiring Presence: Whilst a Terminator Sergeant is alive the unit may re-roll failed Morale Checks.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Project Grailsword\Contqual Part 4

Venerated Bannus development

This is the initial post for another of the HQ choices i am developing for this project. I chose Bannus as he is the most well known, and with the new Ironclad it is easier to legitamise the Chain Fist Bannus is portrayed with as per the Iron Hands novel.

Venerated Dreadnought Bannus 225pts

5 5 6 13 13 10 4 3

Unit Composition: One Dreadnought
Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker)
Wargear: Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Chain Fist (with built in Storm Bolter), Smoke Launchers, Searchlight, Extra Armour.
Special Rules: Venerable, Bannus' Heraldry, Chapter Tactics.
Dedicated Transport: May select a Drop Pod (see p135 C:SM)

Special Rules
Dreadnought Chain Fist: Counts as a DCCW which rolls 2D6 for armour penetration.
Bannus' Heraldry: counts as a Company Standard.
Chapter Tactics: If you include Bannus than all units in the Iron Hands army exchange the Combat Tactics special rule for the Stubborn USR. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics specail rule, you must choose which version will apply.

Project Grailsword\Contqual Part 3

Iron Father Development

Here is the first idea for the Iron Father, i'm going for a blend of MotF and Chaplain, whilst still being a good support character.

Iron Father 180pts

4 5 4 4 2 4 2 10 2+

Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear:Master Crafted Power Axe, Boltgun or Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armour, Servo Harness, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Mechanicus Protectiva, Digital Weapons.
Special Rules: And They Shall Show No Fear, Combat Tactics, Independant Character, Chapter Tactics, Honour of the Chapter, Blessing of the Omnissiah, Feel No Pain, Servitors.

Special Rules
Mechanicus Protectiva: Confers a 4+ Invunerable Save
Chapter Tactics: If you include a Iron Father than all units in the Iron Hands army lose the Combat Tactics special rule. Instead, all HQ choices, Techmarines and Sergeants gain the Feel No Pain USR. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.
Servitors: You may include one unit of Servitors as per their rules on p138 of C:SM.
May replace his Boltgun as per the options for the MotF on p 133 of C:SM.

Project Grailsword\Contqual Part 2

I have been mulling over some possible Iron Hands Chapter Tactics, i have thought about 2 possible tactics, one im thinking is for the Iron Father and the other for either the Clan Commander or a Venerated Dreadnought.

Tactic One
If you include (x) than all units in the Iron Hands army lose the Combat Tactics special rule. Instead, all HQ choices, Techmarines and Sergeants gain the Feel No Pain USR. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.

Tactic Two
If you include (x) than all units in the Iron Hands army exchange the Combat Tactics special rule for the Stubborn USR. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics specail rule, you must choose which version will apply.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Project Grailsword\Contqual

I have always planned to develop a ruleset for the Iron Hands fitting in with the new style of Chapter Tactics as the Iron Hands are the only first founding chapter to not be represented in any of the current codices. I had inspiration firstly in the form of the Bell of Lost Souls recent Badab War campaign pack as well as re-reading part of the novel Iron Hands. I have now decided to develop something similar, a campaign either based upon the Grailsword campaign mentioned in the novel, or one based on the Purging of Contqual from the Index Astartes III book (and more recently in C:SM).

Very little has been mentioned about the Grailsword campaign other than the fact it is against the Eldar, and features the Iron Hands, Brazen Claws and the Red Talons Space Marine Chapters. This gives me good scope to put my own ideas to the campaign. If i choose Grailsword i plan to do three characters for each of the Chapters, some supporting Imperial characters as well as several Xenos characters.

Contqual would give me some other options, firstly being able to focus purely on the Iron Hands (marine wise) as well as adding Inquisition, Guard and Mechanicus elements. It would also give me scope for Traitor Guard, CSM and Daemons on the Chaos side.

This will take some time, but i will post what i can as and when things develop.

Whole Iron Hands Army

I thought it was about time that i would put some photos of my WIP Iron Hands, hopefully this will encourage me to work on them more to get them fully converted, painted and based, especially as close up photos really show what needs doing.

Whole Army Photo

Iron Father Galenium

Epistolary Bucharis

Explorator Magos Castaboras

So far i have available
'Pedro Kantor'
2 Librarians
Iron Father/Master of the Forge
Command Squad
3 Tactical Squads
Scout CCW Squad
Scout Sniper Squad (Not Pictured)
Devastator Squad
Assault Squad
Biker Squad
Ironclad Dreadnought
Magos & Retinue (Counts-As OM Inquisitor Lord)
Arbites Judge & Retinue (Counts-As OH Inquisitor)
OH Inquisitor
Land Raider Crusader
3 Rhinos (1 Not Pictured)
2 Whirlwinds
Land Speeder Typhoon
Predator Annihilator

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Evolution of a list

After the recent failings of my counts-as Pedro Kantor I have decided to retire him (for now) and replace him with a converted counts-as Lysander. Both are mainly in for the Stubborn USR which fits the Iron Hands perfectly, and whilst the Sternguard won't be scoring, Lysanders bolter drill will more than make up for that.

10 Sternguard: Power Fist, Combi-Melta x 1=280pts
10 Tactical Marines: Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Multi-Melta=210pts
10 Tactical Marines: Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon=225pts
10 Scouts: Power Fist=165pts
Ironclad: 2xHeavy Flamers=150pts
Vindicator: Siege Shield=125pts
10 Scouts: 9xSniper Rifles=140pts

Alt-Swap Ironclad and Vindicator for 10 Devastators: 2x Lascannon, 2xMissile Launcher=270pts for a total of 1490pts

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Possible new fantasy army Part 3

For the third possible fantasy army i have chosen Beasts of Chaos, with their possible new update soon, the time is ripe to develop an army now to expand upon later.


Khazrak the One Eye=292pts
Wargor: BSB, Sword of Battle, Heavy Armour=114pts
L2 Bray Shaman: Staff of Darkoth, Chaos Armour=145pts
L2 Bray Shaman: Braystaff=116pts
Herd 1: 12 Gor, 8 Ungor, Full Command=151pts
Herd 2: 12 Gor, 8 Ungor, Full Command=151pts
19 Bestigor: Full Command, War Banner=283pts
2x10 Warhounds=120pts
2xTuskgor Chariots=170pts
3 Minotaurs: Great Weapons=138pts
3 Minotaurs: Great Weapons=138pts
3 Trolls=165pts

Friday, 7 August 2009

Possible new fantasy army Part 2

This is a possible Ogre Kingdoms army that i will develop. Currently it will be betwen Wood Elves, Ogre Kingdoms and Beasts of Chaos.

Tyrant: Tenderiser, Wyrdstone Necklace, Giant Breaker, Heavy Armour, 2 Sword Gnoblars=311pts
Butcher: Bangstick=155pts
Bruiser: BSB, 2 Sword Gnoblars, Siegebreaker, Heavy Armour=199pts
5 Iron Guts: Full Command=290pts
5 Bulls: Full Command, Iron Fists, Light Armour=265pts
5 Bulls: Full Command, Iron Fists, Light Armour=265pts
9 Gnoblar Trappers: Snare Finger=58pts
30 Gnoblar Fighters: Groin Biter=62pts
2x2 Leadbelchers=220pts

Possible new fantasy army

I have been considering a new fantasy army. I will post several lists to mull over to help me decide. This list is based off my old metal models which i will strip and repaint, plus the new models which i want to purchase.


Highborn: Wild Rider, Great Stag, Spear of Twilight, Helm of the Hunt, An Annoyance of Netlings, A Murder of Spites=345pts
L2 Spellsinger: 2XDispel Scrolls=175pts
Noble: GW, Hail of Doom Arrow, Light armour, Enchanted Shield=121pts
8 Wild Riders: Full Command, War Banner=269pts
2x10 Glade Guard=240pts
14 Eternal Guard: Full Command=218pts
2x10 Dryads: Branch Nymphs=264pts
9 Wardancers: Bladesinger=176pts
8 Waywatchers=192pts

Monday, 27 July 2009

1500pts Iron Hands

This is my regular 1500pt Iron Hands list, it has been fairly effective in a variety of scenarios as well as for Planetstrike (where it has only been let down by my poor rolling). It is fairly balanced aswell which is something i prefer in any army i create, along with a themed or fluff orientated focus.

'Pedro Kantor'=175pts
Techmarine, power Weapon=65pts
10 Sternguard, Power Fist, Combi-Melta=280pts
10 Tactical Marines, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Multi-Melta=210pts
10 Tactical marines, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon=225pts
10 Scouts, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol & CCW's=165pts
Land Speeder Typhoon=90pts
Vindicator, Siege Shield, Extra Armour=140pts
Ironclad, 2 Heavy Flamers=150pts


After somewhat neglecting my blog for some time i thought it was about time i restarted it. Im starting from scratch and aim to post at least twice weekly on my days off.

Currently i am working on one army for 40k my Iron Hands Space Marines. I am also planning a new fantasy army as well as a new 40k army. Im planning either Dark Eldar, Eldar or Orks for 40k depending on how my final thoughts go and what theme to follow. For fantasy i am planning either Ogre Kingdoms or Beasts/Warriors of Chaos, something a bit different to my Wood Elves and Dwarfs.