Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Deliverance Part 5

Well having just bought a 2nd Austringer and the Sonnia box is in the middle of painting, everything is set up nicely for Deliverance in 10 days. The only thing really to do is the basing which I will be doing tomorrow before work. I have also repainted the Judge as the White coat wasnt looking right, so he's now in a Brown Coat and Jeans rather than a White Coat and Brown Trousers.

Im now just getting to gether the last of what I need for Deliverance, I hope to play one of the scenarios next Tuesday just to get my eye in, as well as picking up a Puppet Deck ready for the day.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Deliverance part 4

Well i've now bought the Sonnia box set which nicely came with a Miss Pack, which will help if and when I ever do a Zorida or McMourning crew. I tried out the Witchling Stalkers in one game so far and they worked well as a nice flanking distraction from LJ and the rest of the crew. Will be trying them out with either Sonnia or LJ this evening at Firestorm Games. They are all blocked out in colours its just the detail I really need to work on, as well as the other Austringer I still need to buy.

Will definately work on Leviticus after Deliverance, just need 3 Necropunks, a Desolation Engine and another Hollow Waif to begin with. Ive proxied this crew and it worked very effectively.