Monday, 27 February 2012

bases update

Well while my bases didn't turn out too bad a local supplier in firestorm games is selling some bases made by a local manufacturer in model display products, they are very nice woodland bases and all in all will be far better than sculpting and making my own, just waiting to hear if there are any in stock at firestorm.

These will be jn keeping with the theme and will go nicely with avatar lilith come the end of April.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

febuary wips (Lilith and aSonnia)

Well not much done so far this month, sculpted some bases for the first 3 models of my lilith crew as aLilith has been announced for April and no sign on aLeviticus, which as he's normally the last to be released sk probably July, but either way my levi crew is useable so I will dip in and out getting stuff for him when I'm not picking up the new guild releases or something for lilith.

Possible 35ss lilith list
Lilith ( 7 cache)
Primordial Magic 2ss
Hooded rider 8ss
Doppelganger 8ss
Lelu 7ss
Lilitu 7ss

This is without tots/young/mature as these are a more expensive buy in order to use successfully as I'd need all 3 so will go with either the models I have and/or the models I want to paint in the case of the twins.