Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Deliverance Part 3 and plans for afterward

Well after some more painting, i'm starting to get things sorted for Deliverance in 6 weeks. Only a couple more purchases to make. Firstly the Sonnia Criid boxset, mainly for the 3 Witchling Stalkers which will fit in witht he close combat side of LJ very well, secondly Samael Hopkins will give me a boost on the mid-range shooting. If I get the chance I want to pick up a second Guild Austringer as one just isn't enough against certain Master's.These would give me a good 100-110 soulstone worth of models to use for the tournament.

I've also got to decide which faction to go with after Deliverance as I want a break from the Guild after 7 months of solid playing. The options currently are Leviticus, McMourning, Seamus, Lilith or Colette.