Thursday, 9 August 2012

Guild, BoLS, Gencon and Leviticus

Well yet again I have been negligant in my blogging, a good excuse this time though with my wedding and honeymoon in June and July, now things have settled I can get back to normal, one important thing though, I will also be blogging Malifaux related topics for Bell of Lost Souls, my first post is already up here , there will be more to come in the Malifaux 101 series looking at the basics and the background of Malifaux, there will also be tactics posts, reviews of new releases, q&a's under the banner 'Wyrd Getting to Know You' with both players and Wyrd Miniatures staff members, as well as more wide ranging Malifaux orientated posts.

My Guild hoard is yet again complete, I will try and get a photo next time I am at my LGS, I have aPerdita, 2 Wardens and 3 Latigo Pistoleros on my painting table, then everything will be painted until the next batch of Guild releases anyway, I should have Miss Terious (a limited ed model) after my Gencon order, which will include any other guild released as well as a Hanging Tree for a tournament prize as well as possibly the 'Rail Crew' box set. This will all depend on when I start my Leviticus crew back up again and if I do break and buy the showgirls box set.

My planned purchases for Levi are themed around a traditional desolation and or a Rider's list, I will have other models I could use like Jack Daw but wherever possible I won't.

I already have
  • Leviticus
  • 1 Hollow Waif
  • 4 Steampunk Abominations
  • 1 Desolation Engine
  • Pale Rider
  • Hooded Rider
Planned to purchase
  • Ashes and Dust
  • Dead Rider
  • Mechanical Rider
  • Leviticus Avatar of Entropy
  • 2 Hollow Waifs
  • 2 Cainine Remains
  • 4 Steampunk Abominations
  • 1 Desolation Engine

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Well again it has been a while, not much new on the modelling frony. I'm still working on my Lilith and Leviticus crews for Malifaux, but in also repainting my Warriors of Chaos to suit my new fluff as part of the Tribe of the Bloody Hound and their bannermen, I will eventually repaint and/or finish painting my Iron Handa, Dwarfs and Wood Elves. I've also picked up Von Schill, Witchling Handler, Exorcist and the Brutal Effigy in the last few months these are partially painted and I can do some more work to them Monday.

Monday, 27 February 2012

bases update

Well while my bases didn't turn out too bad a local supplier in firestorm games is selling some bases made by a local manufacturer in model display products, they are very nice woodland bases and all in all will be far better than sculpting and making my own, just waiting to hear if there are any in stock at firestorm.

These will be jn keeping with the theme and will go nicely with avatar lilith come the end of April.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

febuary wips (Lilith and aSonnia)

Well not much done so far this month, sculpted some bases for the first 3 models of my lilith crew as aLilith has been announced for April and no sign on aLeviticus, which as he's normally the last to be released sk probably July, but either way my levi crew is useable so I will dip in and out getting stuff for him when I'm not picking up the new guild releases or something for lilith.

Possible 35ss lilith list
Lilith ( 7 cache)
Primordial Magic 2ss
Hooded rider 8ss
Doppelganger 8ss
Lelu 7ss
Lilitu 7ss

This is without tots/young/mature as these are a more expensive buy in order to use successfully as I'd need all 3 so will go with either the models I have and/or the models I want to paint in the case of the twins.

Friday, 27 January 2012

leviticus, plans for 2012.

Well plans are starting to fall into place to build up my Leviticus. Thanks to my future father in law in am now the owner of a hooded rider, so will trial him out with levi once he's built, and he will also be a useful model for the lilith crew I'm planning. A nice melee focused minion that will work well with lilith and the doppelganger, which are the only two other neverborn models I own. Will probably have to be some more hollow waits, ashes and dust and more abominations before pick up dead and mechanical riders, though our local resser player had the dead rider so I can always borrow him to try out. But we will see does depend on when the pale rider is out, as I'm first and foremost a guild player he will be an essential purchase as soon as he is out.

Current 35ss list I will probably try
Leviticus cache 4ss
4 Steampunk Abominations 12ss
Hooded Rider 8ss
rusty Alyce 8ss
Cainine remains 3ss

Dog is for The 2nd waif asap to keep levi alive, abominations move and use anomaly to protect themselves then summon a desolation engine at the opportune moment, when I can use the spell casting ability of levi, melee of the engine and rider and Alyce's shooting to the best effect.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

plans for 2012

Well its that time again, to plan what I want to do this year hobby wise, firstly malifaux as my guild is currently 100% complete and mostly painted, other than the new releases for this year, I am looking to complete the plan of having a crew for every faction, this means my Leveticus crew will get finished with more steampunk abominations, hollow waits, canine remains and ashes and dust, then when the avatar is out I will look at getting the 4 riders.
As for the other factions, for Neverborn I will be going with Lilith, Arcanists will probably be Collette and for Ressers it will likely to be Nicodem.

As I've started to get back into WFB, my dwarfs are again on the agenda, I want to pick up a battalion then a grudge trowr or two and get everything painted if possible before the new releases or new book which will hopefully be this year.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

thoughts on avatar justice

Well j have finally gotten in my first game with avatar justice, firstly I like the model far better than the publicity photos, the beefy chin from the angle at least in the pre release photos wasn't flattering, but its nice in reality. The model as a whole was well designed, it fit easily together and apart from a slight twist in the ram arm whilst securely padded en route back from firestorm there's been no issues, I may well leave her there to prevent further damage once she's been painted, based and varnished as she could be fragile if my case gets dropped.
First game with her was against avatar Seamus, she did well, mainly using her avatars buffing to protect her crew, the mark of balance: crow is very nice indeed, didn't play as much of a hoard crew as I'd of liked with her, had 3 seven ss models in executioner, Nino and judge. Will take less next time, played with Perdita for The first time too (it was a 45ss brawl), she was good too, culminating in blowing away avatar Seamus, obeying Judge to use bullets and blades was a very good combo, with a decent hand on masks and a family obey spam list could really put the hurt out. Will be using avatar justice in my next few games to test her out against a variety of masters and schemes.