Thursday, 9 August 2012

Guild, BoLS, Gencon and Leviticus

Well yet again I have been negligant in my blogging, a good excuse this time though with my wedding and honeymoon in June and July, now things have settled I can get back to normal, one important thing though, I will also be blogging Malifaux related topics for Bell of Lost Souls, my first post is already up here , there will be more to come in the Malifaux 101 series looking at the basics and the background of Malifaux, there will also be tactics posts, reviews of new releases, q&a's under the banner 'Wyrd Getting to Know You' with both players and Wyrd Miniatures staff members, as well as more wide ranging Malifaux orientated posts.

My Guild hoard is yet again complete, I will try and get a photo next time I am at my LGS, I have aPerdita, 2 Wardens and 3 Latigo Pistoleros on my painting table, then everything will be painted until the next batch of Guild releases anyway, I should have Miss Terious (a limited ed model) after my Gencon order, which will include any other guild released as well as a Hanging Tree for a tournament prize as well as possibly the 'Rail Crew' box set. This will all depend on when I start my Leviticus crew back up again and if I do break and buy the showgirls box set.

My planned purchases for Levi are themed around a traditional desolation and or a Rider's list, I will have other models I could use like Jack Daw but wherever possible I won't.

I already have
  • Leviticus
  • 1 Hollow Waif
  • 4 Steampunk Abominations
  • 1 Desolation Engine
  • Pale Rider
  • Hooded Rider
Planned to purchase
  • Ashes and Dust
  • Dead Rider
  • Mechanical Rider
  • Leviticus Avatar of Entropy
  • 2 Hollow Waifs
  • 2 Cainine Remains
  • 4 Steampunk Abominations
  • 1 Desolation Engine