Saturday, 10 December 2011

thoughts on avatar justice

Well j have finally gotten in my first game with avatar justice, firstly I like the model far better than the publicity photos, the beefy chin from the angle at least in the pre release photos wasn't flattering, but its nice in reality. The model as a whole was well designed, it fit easily together and apart from a slight twist in the ram arm whilst securely padded en route back from firestorm there's been no issues, I may well leave her there to prevent further damage once she's been painted, based and varnished as she could be fragile if my case gets dropped.
First game with her was against avatar Seamus, she did well, mainly using her avatars buffing to protect her crew, the mark of balance: crow is very nice indeed, didn't play as much of a hoard crew as I'd of liked with her, had 3 seven ss models in executioner, Nino and judge. Will take less next time, played with Perdita for The first time too (it was a 45ss brawl), she was good too, culminating in blowing away avatar Seamus, obeying Judge to use bullets and blades was a very good combo, with a decent hand on masks and a family obey spam list could really put the hurt out. Will be using avatar justice in my next few games to test her out against a variety of masters and schemes.