Friday, 27 January 2012

leviticus, plans for 2012.

Well plans are starting to fall into place to build up my Leviticus. Thanks to my future father in law in am now the owner of a hooded rider, so will trial him out with levi once he's built, and he will also be a useful model for the lilith crew I'm planning. A nice melee focused minion that will work well with lilith and the doppelganger, which are the only two other neverborn models I own. Will probably have to be some more hollow waits, ashes and dust and more abominations before pick up dead and mechanical riders, though our local resser player had the dead rider so I can always borrow him to try out. But we will see does depend on when the pale rider is out, as I'm first and foremost a guild player he will be an essential purchase as soon as he is out.

Current 35ss list I will probably try
Leviticus cache 4ss
4 Steampunk Abominations 12ss
Hooded Rider 8ss
rusty Alyce 8ss
Cainine remains 3ss

Dog is for The 2nd waif asap to keep levi alive, abominations move and use anomaly to protect themselves then summon a desolation engine at the opportune moment, when I can use the spell casting ability of levi, melee of the engine and rider and Alyce's shooting to the best effect.

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