Saturday, 21 January 2012

plans for 2012

Well its that time again, to plan what I want to do this year hobby wise, firstly malifaux as my guild is currently 100% complete and mostly painted, other than the new releases for this year, I am looking to complete the plan of having a crew for every faction, this means my Leveticus crew will get finished with more steampunk abominations, hollow waits, canine remains and ashes and dust, then when the avatar is out I will look at getting the 4 riders.
As for the other factions, for Neverborn I will be going with Lilith, Arcanists will probably be Collette and for Ressers it will likely to be Nicodem.

As I've started to get back into WFB, my dwarfs are again on the agenda, I want to pick up a battalion then a grudge trowr or two and get everything painted if possible before the new releases or new book which will hopefully be this year.

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