Tuesday, 8 September 2009

WIP Counts-As Lysander

Here is a quick WIP of my counts-as Lysander. He has bionic legs built from plasticard rods. The Terminator body came from the free Terminator from WD, the shoulder pads are the Dark Angel Dreadnought Shin Pads, the cape from the CSM Terminator Lord boxset, the arms are from the CC Terminarot boxset. He's not too bad, but he will suffice until i can convert a better model for 'Lysander', i am planning one with 4 bionic limbs, and the rest of his body will be largely scratch built.


  1. The counts-as looks good! Any chance of a close-up on his bionics? I'd love to see how you do yours, maybe get some ideas. :)

  2. I will try to split the torso from the legs so i can get a good view of the bionics. If not i will make sure i do a step by step when i do the more bionic Lysander, i am planning at the least magnetising the torso to the legs for that one which will make wip shots all the easier.

  3. I just realized that your pics were thumbnails, and I took a better look at the bionic leg. The detail is nice, but I wonder if it might be a bit spindly, given that it has to support the bulk of TDA.

  4. Nice conversion, I can't wait to see it painted :)
    Good idea for the shoulder pads.

    I'm planning to do the Ferrus Manus character when I have some time...