Sunday, 27 September 2009

Grailsword Part 6 & Update

Well i have decided to focus on the Grailsword crusade rather than Contqual mainly because little has been said on this compared to Contqual so i can let it progress how i want rather than being constrained by the set ideas, this will also help with any stories and pieces i write for the project. Therefore i will be expanding the ideas from just the Iron Hands into the Eldar, Red Talons and Brazen Claws in the near future.

I have also (just about) decided on a new fantasy army in Nurgle Beasts of Chaos, i will probably start this in anticipation of the new Army Book expected in Q1 2010 starting with some Pestigor as i really like the models. The only things that would change this would be if Tomb Kings were definately a release for next year or if the new Skaven Army Book gives options for themed and Clan focused armies.

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