Monday, 12 October 2009

Back to Fantasy

Well after several months i have finally started playing Fantasy again. I had a good game with my Magic Defence Dwarfs against a Magic/Shooting heavy Tzeench Daemons (it was a list designed to take on a Vilitch, Magic heavy Tzeench Warriors of Chaos list, a game which is now delayed untill next week). I had a good solid victory, my 3 main blocks (Ironbreakers, Longbeards and Warriors) were cut down to well below half, but they broke 50 horrors despite a hail of Magic and Fire whilst my Cannons, Flame Cannon and Goblin Hewer took out the 3 Disc Heralds, Flamers and Bluescribes. I think i shall try and altrernate more frequently between 40k and Fantasy.

Speaking of Fantasy i am now delaying the planned Beasts of Chaos until next year, i have decided to reboot the Warriors of Chaos i played in 5th and 6th Edition. I have bought the Khorne Lord on Juggernaut to paint whilst i plan and develop the army list. I have also plans to start this at 2k as well as developing 2k of Daemons then 2k of Beasts all dedicated to Khorne.

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